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Technical Requirements & Virtual Pre-Check

Virtual Epic Training can be attended in three ways:

  1. In a CCHC classroom
  2. In a CCHC office/cubicle/assigned work area
  3. Remote location with manager approval (example: from home)

Action Requested

  • Staff utilizing attendance option #3 - Remote location with manager approval - are required to complete a pre-check via our Training Helpdesk. Managers are required to approve and request remote access for staff via the IT Connector who expect to attend training in this manner no less than two weeks in advance of their training date. Staff with existing remote access capability do not need to submit a new request.
  • For users who anticipate attending via option #2 - In a CCHC office/cubicle/assigned work area, we strongly encourage completing a pre-check to ensure all the necessary configurations are in place.

Starting August 19, 2020, we will have our partner vendor ettain group, perform technical pre-tests on end user ability to connect to a virtual classroom. This Connectivity help desk will be open and available from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday. Users should call the help desk any time during these business hours to complete the pre-check. All end users who anticipate taking their Epic Training virtually from a remote location will be required to perform this pre-technical assessment. The pre-check is expected to take around 15 minutes to complete. During this time, the Connectivity help desk will assist you with your workstations and will have the ability to remote desktop to your workstation to further troubleshoot.

Connectivity Help Desk: 855-271-1039

Open from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (EST); Monday-Friday
Technical Checklist:
Bandwidth Test if on a private network
Citrix Workspace Access Test
Skype Launch and Sound Test
Peripheral Devices Tested for Sound

This connectivity help desk will help you troubleshoot the vast majority of technical issues you may encounter, and anything they cannot solved you will be transferred to the CCHC Corporate Help Desk at x8700.

Technical Specifications for Virtual Training:

  1. CCHC Citrix Workspace Access – if you do not already have access your manager needs to request it through the IT Connector.
  2. Windows 7 or newer with Citrix Workspace version 1912 which can be downloaded here.
    - or -
    Macintosh with macOS 10.12 Sierra or Newer (High Sierra, Mojave, BigSur, Catalina) with Citrix Workspace which can be downloaded here.
    Please note: Virtual Training is not available using Tablets or iOS devices such as Apple iPads.
  3. Google Chrome Browser which can be downloaded here.
  4. Speakers for audio or headset
  5. Telephone to dial the conference bridge or computer microphone if joining conference directly from computer. (Unless speaking be sure to mute after joining conference bridge)
  6. A second monitor is desirable to permit viewing of Skype meeting while viewing Epic Training Environment, but it is not mandatory.
  7. Please note when joining the Skype Training Meeting you need to select Join Via Browser.
    You do NOT need to download Skype or Skype for Business.
  8. As of August 19, if you have any questions or need assistance please call the Remote Training Help Desk at 855-271-1039