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Epic Training Registration Process

All employees that will be using Epic will need to participate in training. Training has been assigned to all users based on their role. Questions regarding these assignments should be sent to Managers will sign up their staff and themselves for all training classes by using an excel spreadsheet on a shared location. The process for how to sign up is outlined below:

Important Instructions for Registering Third Party Vendors and Contractors

As you register your employees for Epic Training, don’t forget to consider third party agencies and contractors that you also expect to work in Epic. Depending on the contract or relationship with the individual or group, they may not be available in HealthStream for training assignment.

  • My department works with a vendor/agency to perform functions that require Epic access. These individuals are NOT listed on the Epic Training Class Assignments document.
    • Managers should send a listing of individuals to and include their expected role. If you have employees that require the same access/training, please provide these individuals as a reference. The Training Team will work with HR and Epic Security to complete training and access assignments.
  • My department works with a vendor/agency to perform functions that require Epic access. These individuals ARE listed on the Epic Training Class Assignments document.
    • You’re all set! Assign vendor/agency/contractors to classes just as you would your employees.
  • My department works with a vendor/agency to perform functions, but they only need view-only Epic access.
    • You’re all set! View-Only Epic users do not require instructor-led training.

Step 1: Determine which Epic classes managers will need to sign up their staff and themselves for.

  1. Managers will navigate to the Epic Training Registration site. On the landing page, managers will find the excel file named Epic Training Class Assignments. Click the document name to open the file in your browser.
    Registration Process Screenshot#1
  2. Sort or filter by the "Manager" column to find their name and sort the document to find a listing of all of their direct reports and the assigned Epic classes that their staff need to take. Managers will sort the column of "Student" to find which classes they will need to sign up for. Utilize the filter option shown below and check individual names.
    Registration Process Screenshot#2
    Registration Process Screenshot#3

Step 2: Sign up for Epic Classes and select a date, time, and location (virtual or classroom)

  1. Managers will then navigate to the excel file for the class that their staff need to take or that the manager needs to take and enter the name of their staff or themselves that need to sign up for the class.
    Registration Process Screenshot#4
  2. Start on the "Course Listing Details" tab. If the document opens to a different tab, hold the CTRL key and click the left-most arrow to quickly scroll to this tab.
    Registration Process Screenshot#5
  3. Click the name of the course you would like to schedule staff for to be linked to the schedule form. There are over 100 options, so use CTRL-F to quickly find the one you are looking for.
    Registration Process Screenshot#6
  4. Managers should enter staff names in the schedule form for the desired date and time. Be careful not to overwrite or edit the entries of others. Physical seats are noted by description and color as noted in the sample below. In order to avoid confusion, be sure to enter the staff name as it is shown on the Epic Training Class Assignment workbook (see step #2).
    Registration Process Screenshot#7

Managers should have all staff names entered on the schedule form for their assigned classes by end of day July 25, 2020.

HR will complete the registration process in HealthStream for all Instructor-led classes.

Compliance and completion reports will be generated for manager's based on the HealthStream data.

Virtual Training

The following classes have the time for employees to complete pre-requisite e-learning and post-class practice built into the scheduled training time: ED Nurse, Inpatient Med Surg Nurse, Inpatient ICU Nurse, Inpatient L&D Nurse, Inpatient Pediatric Med Surg Nurse, Inpatient Behavioral Health Nurse.

All other classes are built into the schedule for just the instructor-led Epic training. Employees in all other classes not listed above are expected to complete the pre-class e-learning and the post-class practice on their own outside of the scheduled class time. E-Learning time for the majority of roles, outside of those listed above, is approximately 60 minutes or less. Staff should coordinate with managers on the most appropriate way to complete these items.

All trainees should expect to complete a post class assessment at the end of their training during the scheduled class session. If additional time or subsequent attempts are needed, these will need to completed outside the scheduled session time and coordinated with managers.

Super Users

Managers should have finalized Super User selections for their teams at this point. Super Users need to attend their assigned training classes twice, providing them an opportunity to be most familiar with the content. Super Users also have additional online learning content that will be assigned in HealthStream for viewing.

Please reference the ATSS Timekeeping memo for details on how employees should code their time in ATSS during training.